The Screensaver Series is a collaboration with Janine Harrington.

anthropic (adjective), more anthropic, most anthropic

  1. Pertaining to humans or the period of their existence on earth: The anthropic principle consists of theories that the universe is constrained by the need to allow for man’s existence in it as an observer.
  2. A reference to belonging to a human being; of a human sort: An anthropic condition is concerned with or relating to human beings; for example, in geology, applied to the period of the deposits in which human remains are found.


  • Time as essential element of video and choreography
  • The two-dimensionality of the choreography escapes the usual limitations of video effects
  • Optical flow as analysis of movement in 2d
  • Video feedback emphasises the temporal base of video
  • The optical flow highlights pixels that are different between frames
  • This is combined with color effects in the feedback loop
  • Which in turn creates a visual synthesis with qualities that can be related to screensavers
    • flatness
    • digital color
    • anthropic movement (of or relating to humans)

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